Arcane Fortune

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Arcane Fortune is a game of empire building, diplomacy, conquest, construction, and deconstruction. Whether or not you build a utopia, or a hell on earth is entirely up to you. The game is inspired by Civilization and SimCity, with the goal of having a similar level of detail and realism as Dwarf Fortress (although with more of a focus at the larger, macro-scale level). The longer-term scope of the project will include handling, managing and instigating social and political turmoil in your and other empires. The realism that I'm imagining will take years, decades, to approach where I'd like it to be. Since this project is less than two years old, you can see, it is really only just beginning.

The even longer-term scope of the project will involve trying to construct a formidable AI, likely with the aid of deep-learning techniques. AI is critical to extended-in-time strategy games which can take hours, days, or weeks to play out. It can be difficult to coordinate such games with others -- sometimes you want to play for 12 or more hours straight, other times you only have time or only want to play for a few hours -- having to coordinate all this with 10 or more other people is practically impossible, therefore the need is high for AI which will "happily" play for as long as you do but yet still offer a challenge that doesn't feel artificial (because it has to, for example, cheat to mount a decent challenge against any decent human).

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