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2020-12-08 01:35:39

Thanks, as always smile

It'll probably be good for me to switch back to working on the nobility and diplomacy features anyway at this point.

Tentatively, I'm thinking I'll probably release what I have in about 2 months (right now, due to my detour mentioned above, I don't think I've added enough just yet for it to be worth releasing).

Anything that isn't finished in 2 months I'll just work on for the release after.

2020-12-07 18:17:23

Ah, that’s nice, thanks for sharing with details.

Well then, i must hurry to wait more.

Best wishes

2020-12-06 04:05:12

Hi Tchey,

Thanks for checking in -- things are going well! I hope you're doing well too.

Below is an update. I ought to update the main site with some of this since it's been a long time since I've posted anything.

No matter how much I plan, it seems I not only work on things in an unplanned order but start working on things I hadn't really planned on smile

Recently, I've started working on some aspects I'd like in the end-game -- mostly because I was feeling inspired to try to get some neural network-based AI into the game in a meaningful way.

So the idea is that once a civilization (you or anyone else on earth in the game) has sufficient technology to enter space, a new set of (extra-terrestrial) civilizations will be discovered on a galactic scale.

Practically the galactic-scale part of the game is going to vaguely resemble this game ( -- that is fairly simple rules and limited numbers of units and probably small map sizes -- mostly so I can train an AI to play that part of the game in a reasonable amount of time with my limited number of GPU cards.

The galactic-scale game will play out while the game on earth plays out (and if it goes poorly will end the entire game both on earth and galacticially). Depending on the political situation on earth, one or multiple civilizations may contribute to what moves humanity makes in the galactic game. That is, depending on your political and technical dominance on earth, you may be the one making the moves in the galactic game, or you may be simply watching as the dominant civ on earth makes the moves. Somewhere in between, maybe you'll be part of an international committee that has to vote on what moves to make.

With additional technology (in game) you would be able to unlock an AI to help you make the best moves. I'd like to have different levels of AI that one could discover -- with it becoming something like a double-edged sword -- the more advanced the AI you discover the more likely it will start making decisions on its own. Not necessarily against you, but not necessarily with your (humanity's) interests. Kind of like how we co-exist on this planet with ants. But yet their existence or opinions bear no significant influence on our decisions.

Where am I right now with all this? Well, as with most aspects of the game, not as far as I'd like to be smile I've implemented the basics of the neural network training, but I'd estimate (from working on a similar approach before with the game of Go), it may take me at least several months of debugging and then several more months of just letting the code train out the model to get an AI that would be worth playing. So not something that's going to be in the game for quite a long while (maybe more than a year away), but something I've at least started.

As far as the nobility, and diplomacy (the topics I was originally talking about for the next release) -- I'm still working on those topics too -- although work on it has been largely paused for some amount of time due to me working on the topics above.

Here's what I have done so far back on earth:

-Nobility now request to join your empire and can be summoned to attack enemy cities on your behalf. Their opinions of you can depend on your international diplomacy with other civs
-The basics of tech and map trading are added. The opinions other civs have of you is also now shown in a more explicit manner. You have to be careful when offering deals to other civs because they can become insulted or believe that you're naive if you offer something way above or below their expectations.
-Noble marriages, birth celebrations, and funerals are now mostly added. For now, these just add a temporary bonus to citizen happiness but I'd like to expand these events later.

2020-12-05 18:54:02


Is everything going well ?

It’s been a while since the last news about the game, or i missed them ?


2020-10-07 20:06:28

Great, ideas as usual, thanks smile

Maybe you'll see some resemblance of these ideas appear in the next release, or the one after or so. A full release or more (2-4 month increments, I mean) could be dedicated to each one: buildings, units, and expanding the map -- like types of food, spices, minerals, etc.

I was hoping the nobility would add a little of this flavor -- each having personality traits and various competencies and principles (some may be more anti-war and refuse to follow your orders if they think you're being too extreme, or some may refuse to follow what you say because they have a good relationship with the empire you're going to war with, etc.).

Building on something like your idea: I could let the player select an initial 3 or so noble houses (at the start of the game) with certain "codes", and preferred doctrines which would be like bonuses or personality traits. Later in the game more noble houses would form, but it wouldn't be as directly under your control.

2020-10-07 11:43:41

Early game issue for me, is lack of variations and options, but mostly, lack of "soul".

Buildings are very generic, units are very generic, landscapes are very generic...

What about sacrificial pits, to gain favor or create weird units ?

Arena to train troops and make champions out of events, with several layers of improvements ?
Could give some credits also, as public pay to watch.

Alchemy workshops, to make mixtures to heal soldiers, cure population from disease, poison weapons etc.

Have big unique units, not "heroes-like", but something weirder than soldier with a spear, soldier with a club, soldier with a sword...
More like, tar-bitumen hydra, giant liquid snake, fire monkey, wind cyclop etc inspired by Dominions/ Conquest of Elysium/ Wizards and Warlords/ Deity Empires...

Different civilizations/ cultures to pick at first, with some bonus/malus, and unique stuff so they are note just the same with different numbers, but really feeling different


2020-10-06 22:56:36

I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the direction I'm planning for the next version, probably 2 to 4 months out.
I put an outline on the roadmap page. Here's some commentary and elaboration:

Nobility, I hope will, feature wise, give the game more depth early on. I feel like early on the game is too sparse and it can take too long to find other opponent civs.

Nobility will be mostly on your side but possibly turn on you if you don't make sure they're reasonably happy with you. They'll emerge near your cities as small fiefdoms (something like a mini-city). You'll be able to let them join under you, or I suppose, conquer them.

Another benefit of nobility is it may reduce war-related micro-management. Let the noble houses take care of your wars, tell them which cities to invade and hopefully they'll do most of it for you. (You'll still have the ability to do it all on your own if you wish)

Perhaps later (in more than one release away but maybe sooner) I can flesh it out a bit more and have clashes between noble houses that you'll be able to take sides in or choose to remain somewhat neutral in. Possibly leading to violent conflict and then potentially some type of civil war.

Expanded diplomacy: the second track I'd like to expand in v0.3.0. I have less to say about it, as I think it's more self-explanatory. It'll give more depth later on as the game progresses.


The nobility I'm taking inspiration from Crusader Kings but also, vaguely Dwarf Fortress. I've admittedly never played the former and played very little of the latter. Maybe I should play them, to get a better idea of what I think works well and doesn't. Although only being somewhat familiar might make it more likely that AF develops in a more unique direction...

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