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History documentaries about China and Russia (& game idea discussion)

Here are two short series I watched recently. The PBS one about China was particularly good, I think. Tons of interviews from people there and a part of the revolution(s)--people from both sides and from multiple socioeconomic levels. Possibly one of the best documentaries I've seen, but I'm not an avid documentary watcher, so take that as you will.

PBS: China A Century of Revolution (from 1911 to 1989)
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:

Last of the Czars
part 1: … gZdJvef4KF
part 2: … KF&index=2
part 3: … KF&index=3

The Last of the Czars was also quite good. Not as many interviews, but that's understandable because of the age of the historical events.
I wanted to find a documentary to follow that one up about Lenin, but haven't been able to find one that seems to match the quality of these. Lots about Stalin, but I wanted to go in historical order.

The spirituality/religion - technologic axis I'm trying to make in AF v0.2.0 is inspired from some of these events. Although I'm taking a *very* liberal artistic license and am not directly trying to simulate any form of history -- more to create a fantasy alternative world where historical-like problems arise (in a much more simplified manner than reality so that I can have something working in the next century!).

In the case of China, the vague "inspiration" or idea to try to half-replicate in AF, is shutting down the universities and having the struggle sessions against the academics (among many other people, of course). Or in Russia, it seems like there was, perhaps, more of a focus on shutting down the churches than on the universities, and this I too would like to be a consequence in AF of certain policies.

For example (I think I've said something similar in another topic, but here it is again for people that didn't see it): If your empire has a slightly more spiritual focus and people become unhappy enough, they may start demanding you close down all the universities. Or vice-versa about any religious monuments/buildings you have if you've built your empire with more of a technologic focus. Maybe they'll demand you go to war with a neighboring religious country, if you've built your cities with too many military monuments or boot camps and are very far on the "technologic" side of the spirituality-technologic axis -- they may want to wipe out religion from the planet (or obviously vice versa with a religious country that is heavily militarized, something like the crusades).

Another idea from what happened in Russia (regardless of where your country (in AF) is on the in-game spirituality-technologic axis) is to have mutiny in the military and have some soldiers from your own ranks join rioters.

This is all an incredibly simplified and incorrect world view. But a start for some interesting dynamics, I think, which will come out when your people start to become very unhappy and your empire starts become unstable. Don't let people become too unhappy in AF, and you won't have to worry about this!

"Why worry about something that isn't going to happen" (1)


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Re: History documentaries about China and Russia (& game idea discussion)

Also, if you've seen any historic documentaries you thought were good or interesting, please share!


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