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#1 2021-11-09 02:52:17

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Diving Back In

Hi Darin and anyone else here,

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I'm excited to dive back into this game. I previously participated primarily via the audio games forums, but thought I may as well join the community here this time around.

I never made it beyond the first steps last time, but hope to have a bit more patience and success with the new version. I also grabbed the source code just to have a look, as I'm rather unfamiliar with Rust and a bit technically-inclined, and curious how it all works under the hood.

I just wanted to say thanks for such a great game and I'm excited to be back.


#2 2021-11-12 02:19:22

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Re: Diving Back In

Hi Elwin,

smile thank you for the kind words.

Since you're from the audio games forum, I'm guessing you might be using a screen reader? I'm happy to help if you have questions or run into any problems (screen reader or not), similarly for the source code. I'm no expert in Rust either!

Any feedback or suggestions you have about accessibility, gameplay, etc are always appreciated.

Although I should mention, on my end, I'm taking somewhat of a break from development. I'm hoping after the break I'll have some fresh ideas about how I can improve gameplay, the AI, and code performance issues. Path finding over large maps is not easy. And the way the game currently caches and re-generates the map may also be contributing to slow downs. I had priortized supporting ultra-large maps early on since I hadn't seen this done before in this type of game, but ultimately I'm not sure if it's adding much or any to the gameplay like I had imagined... especially considering the larger the map, the more intensive it is to compute paths over such large distances, meaning the less you can realistically have on the map -- which ultimately defeats the purpose of having such a large map to begin with yikes



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