Arcane Fortune

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Video development logs

Check out my YouTube channel for all these videos and more in the future.


Large map generation, city generation, and more: log 8   Thumbnail

This video shows a number of changes that have occurred to the game in the past few months, including a rewrite from C to Rust. The game now supports creating maps multiple times larger than earth and includes improvements to the AI city designs, among other things.


Land zoning, economy: log 7   Thumbnail

I've expanded the zoning functionality and created the beginning of what will drive the demand of having buildings be created in each of the zone types. Also, residents now move in and will find jobs closest to where they live.


Building production, land zoning: log 6   Thumbnail

Sixth week of game development. Here I show two buildings: city halls, and boot camps and their capacity to produce units, such as workers, explorers, warriors, and archers. I also show the zoning of residential, business, agricultural, and industrial areas.


Building creation, turn movement: log 5  Thumbnail

Fifth week of development. Workers/soldiers move a set amount per turn, and building creation are discussed.


Soldier movement, terminal visualization: log 4   Thumbnail

Fourth week of development. Initial soldier movement added and turn system. I also talk about some aspects of terminal compatibility I came across in getting the game to work in the web browser (with shellinabox).


Terrain, menus, units: log 3   Thumbnail

The third week of development for Arcane Fortune, a game incorporating elements from Civilization, SimCity, and Dwarf Fortress. This week I talk about new terrain features and visualizations I've added for arability, and elevation. I also talk about a menu system I've created game, and the start of units, with example workers shown.


Sub-maps: log 2   Thumbnail

Second week of development--sub-maps are functional and better zooming ability. Development was slower due to only a day or so being available for me to work on this since last week.


Map generation: log 1   Thumbnail

Initial stages of development for my game called Arcane Fortune. It is intended to incorporate elements of Civilization and SimCity, and hopefully will have as much detail and realism, conceptually, as Dwarf Fortress, however the focus will be on empire building.

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