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If you have made or know of any other videos showing gameplay of Arcane Fortune, please add it!

Title Run-time Version played YouTube channel Date posted
FR Linux: Arcane Fortune #1 SimCivDwarf en devenir 37:38 v0.1.0 Jeux 1d100 Aug 10, 2020
Let's play: Arcane Fortune -- Part 2 (Civilization-SimCity grand strategy hybrid game) 1:36:56 v0.1.0 Arcane Fortune Aug 19, 2020
Let's play: Arcane Fortune -- Part 1 (Civilization-SimCity grand strategy hybrid game) 2:53:59 v0.1.0 Arcane Fortune Aug 12, 2020
How not to build a city -- Let's play 1:43:03 v0.1.0 Arcane Fortune Aug 2, 2020