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Immediate term work

Roughly prioritized in order of anticipated completion (first to last).

    • Map display
      • Show resident affinity descriptors
      • Buildings
  • Resident demands (when they are unhappy enough):
    • War/peace, destroy building, build new building (all depending on their affinities)
  • Military automation -- 3 step process to setting: [ideas: Tchey; I've revised them slightly, though]
       1) Define new or select previously made map region (same system described above)
       2) Select action for when no other country's units are around. Options (player chooses one):
               -Sentry (do not move)
               -Patrol (walks the perimeter -- making the rectangle of width one means moving from point A to B and back)
                       2b) ask player what additional, if any, distance should we respond to emerging threats (but not travel to in normal, idle patrolling):
                                       [2b is only relevant when the action is `patrol` since `sentry` it would be the same as just creating a larger initial area]
                               0 tiles directly outside patrol area
                               5 tiles directly outside patrol area
                               10 ...
                               20 ...
       3) Action to perform when other units enter area. Options (player chooses one):
               -Assault: Actively attack any other civ that enters -- auto declare war
               -Defense: Actively attack only civs that the player is already at war with
               -Report: Immediately report activity and wait for new instructions.
       (The `Fortify` action will still be in place for basically an extreme form of passive `Sentry` where it does
        not approach anyone ever).
  • Worker auto repair all walls in rectangle [idea: Tchey]
    • Allow as passive, high priority action w/ ability to assign other actions (build a new building) to be performed only if no walls need repairing
  • Mutiny
  • Workers can remove constructions (wall, zones) [idea: Tchey]

  • Additional translation work (sentence variable parsing; all new text is already being added with basic translation support)
    • Accent characters
  • Moats(?)

Bug fixing

Now and in the longer term future.

  • worker city creation automation
  • zero taxes bug
  • transferring of ownership ai attack of human cities(?)
  • realloc units when city destroyed / captured
    • defenders of previously captured city should become attackers
  • large map crashes

Longer term directions/ideas

This is categorized by rough topic area, but otherwise un-ordered.

Depending on how the game develops, some might not be necessarily added in the way I'm envisioning now. So these are far from concrete ideas at this point and will possibly evolve w/ time.


  • navy
  • limited range aircraft -- aircraft carriers
  • Better fog of war -- and display what's viewable & discovered vs unviewable & discovered
  • slow down travel time on foreign land
  • gold plundering from cities/camps
  • bombs - similar to ICBMs with more limited range / destruction
  • store city in barbarian state (so if it is ever recaptured by an AI, it can be defended normally again)
    • store human player wall coordinates
  • AI navigate correctly into / out of city walls
  • elevation movement penalties
  • wild wolves, bears, elephants
  • spying


  • alliances
  • UN type of multi-country organizations
    • sanctions
  • tech trading
  • resource trading
  • civilian economic & global commerce (ex. residents can work or buy from other cities, affecting local and remote zone demands)
  • demand/pay tribute
  • cities/civs should more often collapse on their own -> ghost cities, or independent states
    • artifacts, shrines
  • random creation of 'revolutionary leaders'
    • option to exile/expel them from your country (same for AI)
    • option to give protection to them/immunity in your country if they're exiled from other countries
    • option to 'send them back'. with possible creation of riots or revolutions where-ever they're sent to
      • possible relationship penalties with other civs for doing this
        • (all very roughly inspired by Lenin being sent back to Russia by Germany, and the resulting creation of the USSR)


  • separatist movements
  • city hall non-linear cost (based on # of cities and distances)
  • gov bldgs cost based on ch dist
  • limit # per city ?
    • statues, parks, theaters
  • effectiveness of government funded bldgs based on economy:
    • forge / barracks: industry pop
    • academy / school: residential pop
  • locality of resources -- connecting of cities
  • wells/water sanitation
  • extended-in-space-palaces
  • memorials
  • artifacts
  • ai -- city planning - grid structure in newer ages
  • rivers
    • bonus to industrial zones, agricultural
  • rail between cities?
  • resident education, wealth (something like in SimCity)
    • wealth value of bldgs for tax purposes
  • profitability of buildings: interconnectedness, proximity
  • traffic on roads (something like in Simcity)?
  • languages
    • diffusion
    • language schools - spread
    • possible affect on international relations and affinities?
    • official state languages, if any, possible bonuses / penalties for declaring language (?)
  • slave quarters
    • uprisings
  • famine
    • mismanagement & natural causes
  • energy
  • pollution
  • gamble tech routes(?) some techs you have a chance of either discovering or never discovering
    • if you fail to discover it, you have to obtain it from other civs
  • social services
    • happiness system
               -tie in with 2D resident affinity axis ?
       -propaganda minister -> inc. war ability, happiness, approval, dec. science
       -government forms - gradation?
       -domestic plague, foreign plague, fires, locusts


       -3d bldgs
               -first support "3D" ASCII, then add support for pre-rendered 3D image tile-sets
       -plot gdp
       -show city names on map
       -moving at multiple zoom levels, show path
       -named historical events
       -show map at bottom of screen
               -ex. bottom doesn't need to always be all black when only limited amounts of text are shown
       -submap at dimensions of explored area
       -war and peace treaty names
       -river names, region names
       -show civilians going back and forth between their jobs
               -mostly as a display improvement
                       -possibly allow military to attack civilians (ex. in times of war, or not if that's your thing(?))
       -lua scripting for modders(?)
       -elevation visualization ( -- contour map)
       -animation ?
       -keyboard shortcuts -- support ctrl + key and alt + key (timestamping) [idea: Tchey]
       -ASCII art, ex in embassy screens and other places

-earth map / scenarios

Finished features

Added to v0.2.0

  • Doctrine/crime/health/pacifism/happiness systems [`doctrine` name credit: Tchey]
    • Unlocking of buildings w/ new doctrine system
    • Align AI affinities with goal doctrines
  • Rioting
    • Burning of buildings
    • Happiness penalty for killing rioters with your military
  • Unit brigade creation w/ custom names [idea: Tchey]
    • Quick jump to / view brigade from top-level menu
      • Dissolve group option
      • Auto-dissolve if all units die
      • Assign actions to all brigade members
  • Auto-explore mode: Spiral out -- [idea: Tchey]
  • Sectors (for military and worker automation) [idea: Tchey]
    • the player selects a rectangle & names it, default names: `Area Alpha`, `Area Beta`, ...
    • Quick jump to / view area from top-level menu
    • Delete area definition option (supposing no units are using it)
    • Option to change area boundaries
  • Advisor screen to try to make clear why people are unhappy/happy
  • Gates [idea: Tchey]
    • Allow automatic pass through for owner, and no pass through for enemies (but are easier to break through than walls)
  • support custom color configurations (config/colors.txt)
    • credit to GingkathFox for mentioning the default colors aren't great for some color blind people -- if someone finds a good alternative default config I can set it as the default in the future]
  • Re-add mouse support [idea: Tchey]
    • Hover over sub-map to make larger, then click again to jump to point

Added to v0.1.1

  • basic keybinding -- added to v0.1.1 [idea: Tchey]

Bug fixes

  • long distance path finding issues (some of which is fixed in v0.2.0)
    • prevent landing in places that shouldn't be possible (inside cities)
  • xterm-kitty terminal support (these and others now supported in v0.2.0) [reported by NeoTheFox]